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Slot Winnings from Seneca Niagara Casino donated to Niagara Falls

When many people think of casinos they consider them to be a sinner’s haven, but efforts like those of the Seneca Niagara Casino is generating applause from some of the citizens of Niagara Falls, NY and concern from others. City Controller Maria Brown recently checked her email and was ecstatic to see a message from the Seneca Niagara Casino. The casino promised to donate a portion of their slot machine earnings to the city of Niagara Falls, the casino will be sending over $6.8 million to the tourist town. The earnings were from the 2004 gambling year, the city wanted to take some time and plan out where the donation will end up.

This is the second time the Seneca Niagara Casino has donated to the city, but city officials say they are waiting for 18 percent of the last payment to be paid by the Seneca Nation of Indians, the facilities owner.

“I’m concerned,” explained Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte. “I want it paid soon, as soon as possible. In order to secure the local share the Senecas have to pay their share. It begins with them.”

State and local politicians have agreed to divide to total slots winnings with $23.9 million going towards city and local projects. Money from the previous donation has already been assigned to specific projects, this makes dividing the more recent donation a much more difficult task.

A check for $983,161 was dropped off on Friday by the casino, the money was sent to help with the Niagara Falls International Airport expansion. Niagara Falls mayor Vince Anello hopes the remaining money comes soon, adding the city could really use it.

“We still have some very good weather and I’m hoping to continue to expand our street repairs and continue with our sidewalk repair and replacement,” Anello said.