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The Slotland Difference

I get a huge number of emails every week asking where to find original slots on the web. The problem is that the industry is dominated by a few huge companies who make the software for most of the casinos that you know. Due to them having the same software company, just about all the slots are the same and avid slots fans like you and me don't get to try out any new slot games.

Well, there is one company who have their own website, and their own software and they are completely dedicated to Slots. Most other sites out there are primarily casinos that just tack on slots as an added value because it is not where they make the bulk of their revenue... but one site is different. Who is it?


Here are the most impressive aspects of SlotLand:

# No Downloads - You can play the slots right away in your browser.
# Six Unique Slots - These slots are designed and made by Slotland and you won't find them anywhere else on the web.
# Combined Progressive Jackpot - All the games share one progressive jackpot so that you aren't at a disadvantage when you play your favorite game.
# 100% bonus - deposit $10 as a new player and get $10 free!
# $100 free with EVERY $1000 you spend!
# Windows, Mac, AND WebTV Compatible!


Booster is the newest slot that SlotLand has developed. All your lost spins go into a fund which you can attempt to recover with a later spin. The idea here is that your losses are never completely lost! Get one of the wild "BOOST" symbols and Boost your bet by 10 times!

(Booster: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $50.00)

The Golden8 is a 9 wheel, 8 payline machine. This slot gives you the greatest range of bets I have ever seen because you can have a different amount bet on each line! Also, collect 6 Blue Diamond symbols and win a FREE spin!

(Golden 8: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $12.00)
Golden 8

The SilverKiss machine is not for everyone - player discretion is advised! It is a five-wheel, two-payline slot machine game. Each payline which has a bet placed on it can win. Winnings are based on the symbols on each payline and the amount bet on that line. Some winnings are accompanied by a large, high-quality erotic picture.

(Silver Kiss: Minimum bet = $0.25; maximum bet = $2.00)

Our next game, HeavyMetal, offers a unique opportunity to place bets on your own game history. One horizontal bet line and three vertical bet lines make this the thinking person's slot machine! This is definately one of the most unique Slots concepts I have ever seen!

(Heavy Metal: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $8.00)

The TreasureBox has quickly become a player favorite. It is the only slot machine allowing the player to hold the reels after each spin and make the best potential return everytime the lever is pulled. Be sure to keep your eye out for the hold feature; it can make for some rich wins! Another truly unique machine.

(Treasure Box: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $8.00)

Finally, 5 big wheels of the Magic slot machine has 5 reels and 5 paylines and also offers a bonus feature which can lead the way to some massive wins by unlocking 5 symbols of the same kind on one of the paylines, adding an element of skill to your game play!

(Magic: Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $10.00)

I'm sure it is now plain to see that SlotLand has the most unique slots on the web, so to give them a try and get your free $10 on your first deposit of $10, click here.